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Harmony of Body, Mind & Soul Bodily health is important ‘Healing Hands’  because it effects Our mental equanimity and Concentration.

--Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba Ji.

‘Healing Hands’ professes Harmony, of the human body, which is the result of balancing the energy, pran-shakti, at the level of Body, Mind & Soul, a definition that would look into bodily consciousness, mental consciousness as well as spiritual consciousness, leading to tranquility, the state of complete peacefulness, Anandam - the ultimate in pleasure - absolute happiness.

Happiness would include in its meaning, where we neither have bodily ailments nor mental stresses and strains; where our mental consciousness acts as a bridge between our physical and spiritual being.

‘Healing Hands’ is a platform for a normal busy householder who does not aspire to become a rishi-munni-saint or an enlightened person. Here, we emphasis, primarily, the need of physical well being, through any of the pathies - orthodox or alternative therapies, secondarily, psychosomatic well being, through holistic remedies and ultimately, guidance for spiritual awareness & well being.

We believe that to continue to remain healthy is not difficult, only a little guidance is required from a knowledgeable & experienced person. ‘Holistic Living’, a comprehensive & easy to adopt modified life style programme could give the required results & more. However, treatment is necessary for acute & chronic ailments, as well as, for any malefic condition, at the physical, psychosomatic and spiritual level.

‘Healing Hands’ offers : –

Treatments : For Acute and Chronic Ailments. Please check Holistic Healings & Treatments for details.

Holistic Living : Comprehensive & easy to adopt Modified Life Style Programme – individual, as well as, group sessions, to imbibe nuances of healthy & happy living. Please check Holistic Living for details.

Customized Programmes: For Obesity, Anti Aging, Rejuvenation of Body Cells etc. Details on these programmes are provided on request.

  ‘Healing Hands’ proposes a Holistic Club for which, pre-launch membership is available. For membership & details, please lookup ‘Anandam The Holistic Club’ Register at.

Qualified & well-experienced practitioners attached with Healing Hands offer independent consultation and treatment regularly in General O.P.D. is open Monday to Saturday Morning 10.00 to 12.00 Noon. One could just walk in for the treatment. This is meant for the weaker section of the society, therefore the charge have been kept at Rs. 50/- only including amount for treatment & one week’s medicine.

In Private O.P.D. consultation and treatment is available with prior appointment, please look up facilities and profiles for the treatments and the practitioners individual profile

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